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We are a start up brewery at the moment with the goal of bringing you the best beers possible. Our goal is to have a quality product at a lower end price. That is why we plan on setting up in Tracy, CA. It is our little town right outside the Bay that is still high quality, but at a lower price. Like most of Tracy, we feel like we are still Bay. Its not our fault prices and crowds drove us out to the edge of the bay. Majority of us still work in the Bay so why not call us "Bay". 



Mobile Bar Service

We are currently working on a couple different mobile bars for your next event. Big or small, we plan on having a bar that fits your needs. Pricing varies based on bar and beer amount. Stay tuned for updates.


For inquiries about our beer and our mobile tap setups, please feel free to contact us at any time.

                                 Thank you

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