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We are a start up brewery setting up camp in Tracy CA. We plan to bring you the best experience we possibly can, both with our beers and our taproom. We get asked a lot, "Why Bay Boys, your in Tracy?" We picked Bay Boys Brewing for the name because we are a group of guys that have been in the bay our whole lives. In the beginning, we planned on opening our brewery in the Bay Area somewhere. Hence the name Bay Boys. Over the 2 years of planning and research, we found that the Bay Area was not going to be feasible or practical. This is why we decided to settle in a small town just outside the Bay, Tracy CA. Everything about it just seemed to check all the right boxes. To name a few, they only currently have one brewery. Tracy is located in the center of everywhere; bay to the left, valley to the right. Plus Tracy is on the verge of a big boom. That is something we could not be more excited to be apart of! We figured that we had already built a following for Bay Boys and did not want to change the name. At the end of the day, we are still “Bay Boys” ourselves. We feel the name Bay Boys Brewing still fits.



Mobile Bar Service

We are currently working on a couple different mobile bars for your next event. Big or small, we plan on having a bar that fits your needs. Pricing varies based on bar and beer amount. Stay tuned for updates.


For inquiries about our beer and our mobile tap setups, please feel free to contact us at any time.

                                 Thank you

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